DIN form – tips and design tweaks to improve usability

I was recently applying for a Director Identity Number (DIN) in India and wanted to share a few tips to help sidestep parts of the form that puzzled me / forced a bit of Googling. First off, the process is fairly streamlined, thanks to the folks at MCA for their efforts. So no major changes here, just “quick wins” in parts where the form seemed a bit non-intuitive. Anyone from the MCA reading this – maybe you can use these to improve the form’s design and make things easier for everyone. Hope this helps!

Some issues I faced, and maybe you will too:

1) Tried signing digitally, but the button just kind of “clicked” and did nothing – no error message, nothing to indicate what’s going wrong

DIN - 1

2) Did not discover the check form button till the end, and it would have made things way easier if I’d found it earlier

3) Passport photo resizing required – completely unnecessary step



1) Put the Check Form button at the top: And clarify upfront what it does (handy button that points out errors). In the current design, the button is at the bottom of the form and you discover it at the end, if at all. Even better would be a form that validates automatically when a new field is entered, but if that’s not feasible in a pdf form (it is in a web form), then at least make the check form button easier to use.

Instead of this at the bottom of the form:


This, at the top of the form


2) Move all the digital signature inputs to the end: You cannot sign the form digitally until all errors are corrected. What’s more, it’s not obvious that this is the case – if you try to sign by clicking on the button, there’s no error flag that tells you to make corrections first. This can result in a lot of head scratching, wondering why the form won’t get signed! Moving the digital signature at the end of the form will at least ensure all fields are entered and checked before a user tries to sign

3) Error flag in the digital signature inputs: If design constraints prevent a rearrangement of the form fields, at least make it clear up front that form should be filled and checked before digital signing is attempted – and if someone tries to sign prematurely anyway, an error flag would be very helpful

4) Changes to the language to improve clarity: For e.g., change the “Verify Income-tax PAN” button to indicate in some way that is required (Verify Income-tax PAN) – currently this is also discovered using the check form button

5) Passport photo aspect ratio: The current passport photo input is has a bit of a landscape orientation when most passport photos clicked are (presumably) in the portrait format. As a result, this happens:



To put up an undistorted image, a user needs to first crop their passport photo appropriately and then upload it – an unnecessary step.


Hope this helps both users and makers of the form.


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